Setting off from Karfas, the visitor can explore the city (Hora) and the country of Chios.

To learn about its history and culture:

in the Castle, Korai’s Library, the museums (Byzantine, Archaeological, maritime, folklore), the unique Kampos, the monastery of Agios Minas, in Pyrgi and Emporios, Olympus and Mesta, Anavatos, Nea Moni, Daskalopetra, Keramos with the old metal mines, in the deserted village of old Potamia, Agio Gala Volissos.

To enjoy the nature:

in the narrow roads of Kampos, the mastihafields of south Chios, the cave of Olympus, the plateau of Aipous, the slopes of Mount Pelinneon , the pineforest of Nea Moni..

To be drenched in the light and the water of the Aegean:

in Karfas, Mavra Volia, Trahilia, Komi, Vroulidia, Agia Fotia, Agia Dynami, Magemena, Lefkathia, Nago, Giosona.


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